A short interactive collage for making your own catharsis over 3 minutes and 44 seconds.

1. sound on

2. play button = start

3. move mouse = spread magic

(you can also stay still, you'll reach catharsis no matter what!)


Firefox / Chrome, desktop

sound = - ̶1̶1̶3̷0̷.̶3̶0̴3̴4̸_̶̶_̶d̶e̴s̵o̸r̷  by Caiou

made for OST Jam 2021


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Lovely experience, and a bit hypnotizing.

thank you so much!


Ouuuuu tree angels!!! I feel so good after visiting this collage. As always thank you for this, Ráchel! (and for some new tunes to check out!!)


I'm really glad it made you feel good! The tree angels are always here for you.

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Thank you for creating this unusual and pleasant experience! The slow intensification and catharsis was worth it!


you're welcome! I really appreciate that


fantastic job! :)


♫ . ~ ° ` ’ *